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Hello friends, I am Umesh, the guy behind this blog.
I am an IT engineer by academic degree but a blogger and Investor by profession. 

To be more clear.....

Actually, I refused to work in IT industry. I didn't participated in the campus placement interview in my college because I hate to sit at one place and convert the caffeine and nicotine into computer codes.

Doing the work I hate.... Not possible for me!!

I am more interested in understanding the money and how it works. I love to see my money growing itself without much effort.

Because of this hobby, I have dedicated a lots of time in studying various books and sites, but still I consider myself as a beginner and needs to learn a lot. 

I made this blog because I have seen lots of people who are really very educated and masters in their fields but when it comes to their finances, they behave like a novice.

They joins fraud schemes, fall in the prey of con mans. Recently, I heard about a retired English professor who told his Debit Card details on a fraud phone call!

Not only this, they are also very less aware about the finance. Lots of people takes wrong insurance policies, invests in losing stocks and knows only 80C and home loan deduction in the name of tax saving.

This financial illiteracy must be removed. People needs to be financially educated just like academic education. 

Till when you will allow others to control your finances and also pay your hard earn money as big fees.... Its time to take charge in your own hands.

Investment School will act as a platform for you in learning the basics as well as sophisticated skills of investors. I have tried my best to keep it simple. 

Whatever content I share on this blog, I make sure by checking that multiple times that it's correct, but again if you find something which is out of date or incorrect, then please do inform me.

Do give me your feedback about this blog. Your comments are the most valuable thing for me. 
Also, you can suggest any topic which you want to know about finances or any improvement in the site.

That's all I have to say now.....

Need your love and support!!

Thank you