Who is the Pawan Malhan in the real life

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In this article, I will share the real nature, history and actual educational qualification of the owner of ebiz.com pvt ltd, Dr Pawan malhan. Whatever information, I am going to share in this post is known only to the top level ebiz associates which they never disclose to any lower ebizer. 

Pawan Malhan is actually the most mysterious person in whole ebiz community. He has declared himself to be the gift of GOD to the human kind and no doubt he is treated as GOD by the ebizers.

If you search the internet, then you will always get the mix information about him on internet, written by members (or ex-members) of ebiz. Obviously, some correct but mostly wrong.

Mr. Pawan malhan doesn't have any official information about himself on internet, including Wikipedia. Now tell me, which company owner doesn't have a Wikipedia page. Everyone have, but GOD doesn't exist there.

Whatever ebizzers promotes about him, is the information provided to them by their uplines. And, as we know that ebizers never questions their uplines and follow them without using their own brain.

Infact, their is a rule for this which is taught to the ebizers in the training meetings of ebiz.... i.e.

Your upline is always right.

If you have any doubt on your upline, then read the previous line, again.

Few years earlier, I got an opportunity to meet a dynamic personality who was once Silver Diplomat associate of ebiz. But, he leaved ebiz and started working for his own business.

I was thinking this is not possible. How can a Silver Diplomat leave ebiz?? All he needs to do is to sit at home and collect cheques every week. After all, he is financially free now.

But, I was completely wrong. Completely, brainwashed!

He told me a lots of reality of ebiz and Pawan malhan which was mega surprising and super shocking for me.

He explained me, How ebiz is not a business for its members and why so many people fails in it.

He also told me the real reason for the Formation of SARSO BIZNET.

But, in this article, I will limit myself and share the information only about Mr. Pawan Malhan only.

>> Pawan malhan has a long connection with network marketing much before he started Ebiz. Ebizers in their every presentation tells very proudly that Pawan malhan built a massive business empire in Canada between the year 1996 to 2000, but they never share what kind of business?? Legal or Illegal??

But, how can they share this information. They also don't know What Pawan malhan ji has done in that period. Neither they ask nor their super top level upline tells. Because, asking such types of questions will be a sure sign of using own brain which is just a next to crime in ebiz.

Actually, Mr. Pawan Malhan was the co-owner of a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company named SkyBiz which was started in USA in 1997. Later on, he launched that company in India too, in the year 2000.

But, SkyBiz company was a big fraud. So, FTC (Federal Trade Commission) took action against it. As a result, the company was banned and all its assets were ceiled. Mr. Malhan was fined $ 20 millions. All reports are easily available on internet. To see the statement issued by FTC visit here

After this fatal blow, Pawan malhan settled down in Canada. But, suddenly he came back to India and this started ebiz.com pvt ltd which is the exact replica of SkyBiz. This is how ebiz born, after lots of criminal actions.

>> In the beginning, the website address of ebiz was different from now. Pawan malhan buys this new (ebizel) domain name on 5 June 2002, but the company is running since 8 June 2001. Kindly visit this link and enter the domain name (ebizel.com) to check.

I don't know the real reason, but it surely not just for adding earn and learn, what the ebizzers says.

pawan malhan in ebiz house


>> Pawan malhan never served as the deputy director of AIU (Association of Indian Universities). Its a completely hoax information.

When few senior leaders asked this question to Mr. Malhan, he replied "When I told this to any associate. If this is flowing in the system, then its definitely associate's mistake".

Yes, Pawan malhan is absolutely right, he never declared himself as Deputy Director, but why he never tries to remove this wrong information from the presentation. It clearly shows his honesty and pure nature!

>> Pawan malhan holds dual citizenship, one of India and other of Canada. If something unexpected happens to ebiz in India, then he can easily run away. Also, he deposits all his income from ebiz in the Canadian bank which lowers our Indian currency value.

>> When Andhra case happens where few ebiz associates were put behind the bars for promoting ebiz, that time instead of supporting his associates, Mr. Malhan flew to another country. This case became very popular. Here is the link of The Hindu news report of that case.

This is not the only case. When similar type of incident happens in Kolkata, then also in that emergency situation he was busy in taking full day training meeting at Ebiz House in Noida. He left the associates alone to listen the great abuses of Indian police and spend the whole night behind the bars like criminals. 

>> Pawan malhan is a multi character person, which can be easily seen in his speeches. No doubt, he is a very good and clever speaker who can connect as well as control the audience.

He project himself as a social worker but at the same time, he charges his own associates for training meetings even in ebiz house. I also paid this, but never understood why??

I asked my senior associate and he answered, "may be its the charge for the electricity bill". What an incredible answer!

Mr. Malhan charge his associates for everything and doesn't provide any remuneration. Infact, most ebizzers don't even know the meaning of word 'remuneration'.

>> Pawan malhan, himself accepted this fact in a silver and above meeting (held in Ebiz House) that he regularly pays bribe to Indian govt officials, so that ebiz could run successfully in India. These things never gets disclosed, but this is the real truth behind all that fake motivation and JAI EBIZ.

Actually, To get success in ebiz you have to become a loyal dog of ebiz. Follow every thing said by pawan malhan. Bark and bite everyone who says against the ebiz.

Just read ebiz terms and conditions you will find out only and only associate is responsible for any criminal action taken against him. Pawan malhan cleverly puts himself and his ebiz company away from all types of charges.

Pawan malhan controls all the ebizers. Don't follow him you will be thrown out of the company. And, all your commissions will be seized. Also, he control ebizers after they leave ebiz. Still, ebizers think like fools that they are pursuing their own business.

Friends, I also don't know everything about this man, but whatever I have written above is 200% true because I don't believe in fake marketing like him.

If you have more info, then you can share with us.

Thank you


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I have gone through all of your articles here and i must say that what you have written here is 200 % true about the owner about the process and about the frustration as well.
ebez was introduced to me in 2007 i was a ssc paas out that time ( not eligible to do ebiz work). one of my friend invited me to attend one seminar which was given by Mr. nachiket jaltare ( dimond diplomat at that time)

i was overwhelmed by the figure of 24 lacs(by then)..and unfortunately got fooled into this business...but couldnt do well coz after my joining my friend left ebiz for financial reasons..in 2011 again i was fooled into this... since my communication skill were terrific one person named mr. Arup banerjee got me trapped into this my follow up was done by two gold diplomats
MR. Nirala kumar singh & Mr. Alok Ranjan ( both were the think tank members of sarso biznet )

same people joined me in sarso ....you know when i think of myself of that time i feel like a biggest fool on the planet Earth. but i was not happy with my forced engineering studies n wanted to do some good for my family....
i guess these people take advantage of the situations like this....
by this time for my followup was take n by
crown sapphire nirala singh(crown sapihre in sarso = gold diplomat in ebiz)
sapphire alok ranjan n rajranjan giri....
these people were doing network marketing for llike 10years or so so they were clever in talkin i just got trapped.....

i am mentioning these people beacause i would love if you try to shed some light on their life as well.....now in recent time
SARSO has also broken and the think tank member of sarso
1 Dr. deepak kumar, nirala singh , alok ranjan, raj ranjan giri have launched their own mlm called DNAR (da new age revolution)... even name is funnier :D i thank god i nolonger have any contact with them now.... heres their website http://dnar.in/

i had relly bad experience with the mlm so bad that i have declined to do businbess with herbalife as well my friend is doing a great job there but i am afraid to do that ....sir please shed some light on these loosers... thank you


Hello Anonymous,

Thankyou for sharing your experience with us... 

As the time passes, most ebizers come to know that they are not building their own business but they are actually working under Pawan malhan... They also realise that groups are not stable. Most groups fall down. You cannot fully rely on your group for continuous earning for life time. Diamonds or even Diplomats leave the ebiz because of no earning. 

So, most successfull ebizers just use it to earn money and they keep on looking to start their own business. But, what type of business?? They know only network marketing so everyone gets excited and start their own mlm business... For this they break their own group and shows their true nature of selfishness...

I remember When I joined ebiz in Oct 2010, I use to think that APS Sodhi is the first ebizer and Mohit Sardana is the 2nd one... But, with time I came to know that Mohit Sardana joined ebiz after watching the seminar taken by APS Sodhi. I think Sodhi ji was silver that time... 

And many ebizers left ebiz before these two joined... even lots of my uplines didn't knew their name. All are forgotten.

Whatever name you have written, I remember, I use to see few of them in Highest earners but only for short period of time. Then the Sarso breakout took place...  I use to think, this is happening for the first time in the history of ebiz that any successfull ebizer left ebiz and started his own company to compete with ebiz just because of his ego. How wrong, immature, blindly follower I was?? 

Also, One successfull ebizer Priyesh Jain ji did not joined sarso and started his own company. But who cares??

And, as a true ebizer I didn't ask any questions to my uplines and believe on what they said to me.

In future too same trend will be followed... people will leave ebiz and start their own mlm company.

Bro what u said is fact but mlm is not a bad platform u can't find any business to start with such low investments the problem with u what I felt is u chooses bad mlms...but its never late try anything until u die not only mlms there are many other good businesses but it takes time for u to start

Hello varun,

You are right... MLM are not only business available... There are so many business opportunities as I have written an articles Aleternative of MLM

I think, Anyone who want to start any business just need the correct guidence which can be achieved from books like Rich dad Poor dad, Guide to investing etc... which are written for beginners... 

You will be 100% owner of your business... You will be at the top... this is never possible in MLM, unless you start your own MLM.

Guy's ap apne jagah sahi ho.. apka lose hua hoga but kabhibhi koi company galat nhi hoti. Hoti he to uska malik ya vahake workers galat hote he. Aur companies me work karnewale galti karte he aur log company ko galat kehte he. Agar ap school me fail ho to ap kise dosh doge? School teacher ko ya principle ko ya school ko?

Hello Bhavesh ji,

<< kabhi bhi koi company galat nhi hoti. Hoti he to uska malik ya waha ke workers galat hote he. Aur companies me work karnewale galti karte he aur log company ko galat kehte he. >>

Koi bhi company agar famous hoti h to apne workers or malik ki dedication aur mehnat ki wajah se hi hoti h... Jaise Airtel, Thumbs up, Samsung, LG etc etc.... But, kitne log inke malik ka ya workers ka naam jante h... Logon ko to sirf company se hi matlab hota h... its human nature...

<< Agar ap school me fail ho to ap kise dosh doge? School teacher ko ya principle ko ya school ko? >>

Agar kisi school me 95% bachhe agar fail ho jaaye... to aap kya kahoge.... bachhon ki galti h??  Baki jo paas hue h unme se bhi 95% agle 2-3 saalon me fail ho jaaye... iss baar bhi bachhon ki hi galti h??

School ki to koi galti nahi, kyuki 2-4 bachhe to 90% bhi laaye h...

Ebiz me bhi to yahi hota h... 95% cycle nahi acheive kr paate... 98% silver nahi ban paate... 

Ispe maine ek pura article likha h... Aapse nivedan h ki thoda samay nikal kr padh le... Why 99 percent people fails in the fake business Ebiz

Aapke comment ke liye dhanyavaad...

in this blog we cannot directly write replies so he is publishing his own comments who are unable to understand the fact mlm is great oppurtunity which is even promoted by narendra modiji. in the blog he gave links of other blog links but there is no proof of what he told.

Hello Anonymous,

MLM actually turned out to be the worst opportunity for the 99% of people who joins it... They joins only to loose.

On this blog, I wrote what I find out while doing ebiz... Believe it or not depends on you... I can understand the nature of ebizers who don't want to believe anything against ebiz... 

100% right Jo success nai hua o bolta hai company fake aur Jo success hua o bolta hai ki company zaberdast hai, galti company me nai apke ander hai apne apne galti ko accept karna Sikh lijiye life me aage badogi

Hello Anonymous,

Mai yehi to keh rha hu ki 99% logon ke liye ebiz sahi nahi h... kyun ki wo aisi galtaliyaan jarur karenge jis se ki unhe ebiz me failure milega.... Aaj tak aisa hota aaya h aur aage bhi yehi hoga.

Aise business me kyu fasna jisme fail hi hona h... Maje ki baat to ye hai ki join karne ke tym aisa kaha jaata h ki aap to future millionaire ho... But, dhire dhire sab sachhai ko samajh hi jaate h.

Hi ,
i am proud ebizzer Amaresh Sahoo from Bhubaneswar city . I am decent enough student having scored 96.8% in my class 12th exams having being ranked 18th in my state and i am a B.Tech pass out in electronics and communication branch from VIT VELLORE with 8.59 CGPA getting 2 placements at the end of my engineering carrier one of them being TCS.


My experience in ebiz says that eBIZ is definitely mandatory for every individual who aspires to inculcate entrepreneurship skills , leadership quality and man management skills. The growth and development process via eBIZ is unmatched and gives you all the flavors and experiences of life in a nut shell. Definitely one learns the art of self analysis and self development which helps a person in developing a strong character . I love the teachings i have received from Dr Pawan Malhan sir and eBIZ. com pvt ltd website.

As a person Dr Pawan Malhan sir is a great human being and anybody who knows him closely can learn a lot from his life and experiences. I believe my experience in ebiz has helped me a lot in developing myself as an individual and making myself ready for the greater challenges in life.

i would strongly recommend ebiz to each and every individual who understands the meaning of growth and development and wants to achieve it in the real sense .

Well would definitely love to know from the blogger how much are you getting paid for maintain this blog. Its a humble request from my side.

thank you for reading

Hello Amaresh sahoo ji,

Congratulations! for the RAJIV GANDHI MEMORIAL AWARD.... You are really very talented academically and it seems like you got the success in ebiz as well...

Whatever you are saying is expected from dedicated and motivated ebizer like you.

But, If ebiz is damn good as you are presenting then why so many people quits it, why abuse it ?? 

If ebiz really teaching the entrepreneurship skills, leadership quality and man management skills successfully to everyone, then why 99% ebizers fails?? . Why not everyone just learn these skills and get success in their life?? 

Why even successful ebizers fails in their business which they start after ebiz??

The fact is that ebiz have more than 95% losers. Mostly students joins it and risks their carrier, time and money. Not everyone is managed to study after being brainwashed in ebiz. They are made to set a target to persue ebiz for life-time. Otherwise, they are not serious. No seriousness no cheques.. Their first and only priority should be ebiz.

What may be good for you, doesn't guarantee that it will be good for everyone else...

Only few (very few) people actually benefits from it and the Ultimate real winner is the one and only Pawan Malhan ji...

99% people fails i network marketing not only in ebiz. because of distraction lazyness or lack of learning attitude....... 40000 ki job k liye 15 sal mehnat kr skte ho 10 lack month k liye 6 month seekh ni skte and its not a lottery ticket ......... jo 10000 do crorepati bno mehnat lgti hai seekhna pdta hai jo hr insaan ni kr skta kr skte hai to useless discussion ....... Facebook watsapp gf bf and alll......... ebiz Don't promise u anything it promise only product .....and support

Hello Anonymous,

You are saying that 99% people fails in network marketing or ebiz because all of them are lazy or get distracted. Some of them may be... But, I have seen silvers, golds, diamonds quitting ebiz... Are ebiz diamonds lazy ??

They quit... because their groups falls and their earning stops... because ebiz is not a true business.... 

Whatever you have written above is the same thing what Pawan malhan want his associates to believe... that whoever fails in ebiz is because he is lazy or don't want to learn... But, that not the truth, my friend... 

Ebiz tries to make everyone the same type of person... What they call it.... DUPLICATION!! If you fails to duplicate you fails in ebiz...

The real reason.... If more people starts getting success... Then, there will be no money to distribute among ebizers because lots of associates will get higher cheques without much efforts. So, for any mlm company to succeed, There must be 99% losers...

You will find out the truth yourself with time if you are dedicated ebizer... And, then you will agree with me word by word.

And, plz don't assume everyone will be doing job if not joining in ebiz...

ther are so many people who are successful so dont say only pawan malhan sir name...not all true ebizzers are failures

Hello Anonymous,

If you look this situation with unbiased mind then only you can see the reality... An dedicated ebizer can never have an unbiased mind, so he will see and say what ebiz wants him to see and say... Ebizer never thinks about the reasons for this huge percentage of failures... They are just busy in joining and brainwashing of new ebizers...

There is nothing to be proud of on being an ebizer... And a true ebizer is that who follow Mr. malhan without questioning any thing...

Bhai ek baat batao....tum logo ke itna mehnat karne ki wazah kya hai.....tum log social worker ho kya......koi bhi insan bina fayde ke kuch nhi karta....bade aaye dudh ke dhule banane.....

Bhai, Mai iss blog ko sirf part-tym me chalata hu... (ebiz wala prt-tym nahi)... Aur mujhe issme koi mehnat nai lagti... may be because I like to run it...

I just want to reveal the complete truth about ebiz because I was also affected by it... "Accept it or not" depends on you... I can't force anyone to agree with me.

Hello Anonymous,

I think you are a blind follower of ebiz who cannot see anything beyond ebiz and saying what every ebizers says...

sir u r faster then Wikipedia aapke according to Wikipedia pr sb galat ho gya omg ...... just go and check pawan mallhan sir on Wikipedia

Hello anonymous,

"Wikipedia does not have an article with this exact name. Please search for Dr. Pawan Malhan in Wikipedia to check for alternative titles or spellings."

This is written on the page... I visited this link.

If you know any other link plz share that... I will update that... But, till now I can't find anything...

I cannot find any page regarding that guy.
Could you please share a link.
And what is his qualifications too..

Hello everyone...
Ppl who have their job won't be doing jobless things like simply writing wrong things about a great person without actually meeting him...
Itna hi eBIZ se gussa he to proof ke sath case to ladh court mein and bada aaya samaj seva karne...
Out of billions of ppl in India only one Sachin Tendulkar kyu he?? Kyu ki uski dedication aur commitment thi aise hi koyi bi field mein never give up attitude dikayenge to aage badenge, nahi to easy money kisiko nahi milta he...
If u r talking about DIPLOMATs SILVER DIPLOMATs who quit ebiz, acche acche log paiso ke lalach mein aake Budhi brasht kar lete he... those ppl never learnt attitude of gratitude...

Hello Mr. ebizer,
First of all, let me clear that I have not made this blog to do any kind of social service.

Waise bhi samaj seva ka dhong karne ka saari responsibilities to ebizers ne pehle se hi le rakhi h... Through its baseless missions like teaching poors computer courses and registering fake students to receive cheques... 

I have just expressed my view about ebiz and the ebiz owner Mr. Pawan malhan... If you like it... That's great.... If not... What can I do...

In my view, this blog provides a chance to the people who joins the networking company like ebiz, Amway or kanwhizz to know the actual reality.
I can not force anyone to agree to me... Its their own decision...

By the way, I have not written anything against you or your company(if you have any)... Then, Why are you so frustrated??
Actually, I can understand... Perfect example of brainwashing in my view... Not ready to accept anything against ebiz.. Not using own brains. Fails to read all the articles in an unbiased way...

And yes you are absolutely right... Easy money attracts the crowd... That's why so many people falls in traps of ebiz and other get rich quick schemes. Its the greed of money...

And finally, why should I file case against Mr. Pawan Malhan or ebiz... I don't care what he is doing in his life. I am no more in the ebiz trap....

So, I am not the guy who is in the problem right now because of ebiz. Neither the top 1% ebizers who are earning great amount of money in ebiz because of their mindless slaves...
Actually, people who are promoting ebiz dedicately and belongs to that 99% losers group are in real problem. If these people don't want to see the reality, then only god knows... 

Yes, there are lots of network marketing companies currently running in India...

I have written about only three of them Kanwhizz, Amway and Sarso... Its just a drop in the ocean...

Well some one truly said, it's hard to differentiate between Information and knowledge, only a single line can.
Some have info n few have knowledge about the stuff and I am not appreciating the blogger by this.
Yes I am a proud Ebizzer n thanks to blogger like you who always make me realise that how better we are.

After Reading Whole Stuff above I would like to add some points hea

1. Very Less Get Success
- esa kaha nahi hota??
Govt jobs
Education Institutions
Every one has to pay something to initiate, n den the same story begin
Some leave at the beginning due to Distractions n other stuff
Some after a period of time due to lack of patience
N very few get success
Well it's a game of focus n right attitude.

2. Why some Tag achiever leave??
- Sometimes I call it 'SadhBudhi Bhrast Hona'
I have experienced this a year back when one of my Tag achiever Upline just got quit, felt lil bad. N Today he is..;)
- An Look at you Such a DisGrace You Are
Again N Again You Are Calling MALHAN Sir 'Pawan Malhan', May Be You Don't Take Him On Good People, But You Have Taken Lots Of Learning n Lessons For life from him n You Are Calling Him just 'Pawan Malhan'
Even Today if I meet my Ex Uplines I call them sir with full respect bcoz that doesn't bother me today whether they are with me or not but some lessons they taught me will always be priceless.
- Some Leave At good position bcoz they started believing they can do anything, it's not wrong but in most cases it's a myth.
- Some Leave for their own start-ups
Again I Appreciate it but In India 96% start-ups fail.
"Some Take Things As A Problem, We Take It As A Challenge"

3. Educational Background Of Malhan Sir
- We Are Not Fools Ohk, Not Even Working With Closed Eyes.
- Our Uplines are Well Educated from well known Institutions.
- Yes We Have All The Certificates, If You Require.
Lol to your 200% surety.
I Don't Know To Whom You Met.

# People Go To Coaching Institutes For CA, CS, SSC, UPSC n Other Govt Job Preparation and Pay High fee for that.
How Many Get Jobs From Dea??
N If Only Few den Why??
Ans. This n You will surely get something good.
Some Quit in a month, some in 6 months, some after years. Only few hit the goal. So who is responsible for that govt., Institutes, Ebiz :D.
Some worked really hard with full patience but bloggers like u unki ye umeed bhi khatam kar dete ho.
Law Of Nature Is Same Everywhere, If You Can Think Big Enough for your life.
Kindly Stop Blaming Us.

#Esa nahi hai ki I won't do anything except Ebiz
Ill be having many ventures but Ebiz Will Always be Special To Me. I Don't Know What But Kuch Toh Nasha Hai isme n seriously I Can't Deny It. Actually Till Now It is the best thing to me .

Na Mujhe Hai Aur Na kisi ko hona chaiye ki kis Level pe aaj hum work kar rahe h.
At what level we are organising Conventions N Seminars.

And Yes i agree Idiots are everywhere
I know Because Of Some Idiot Associates Some New Associates Got Suffered.
Wo chale jate h(Reasons i have discussed above) n new associates ko problem ho jati h.
So I Prefer EveryOne who is going to join, Kindly Choose Your Mentor Wisely.
N Yes I am Working Over This Challenge Regularly in my organisation.
That's What i Have learnt From 'Qualities Of A Leader'.
Yes! We Are Growing Fast And Strong.

And To Blogger:
Agar Aab bhi samaj Na ayya ho aur kuch ulta sidha likhne ka Mann kare, kindly won't write.
Yes ill be back just once to check ur good response.


Hello Mr. Proud Ebizer,

First of all, I have not written any thing 'ulta seedha' about ebiz or Mr. Pawan malhan in my view... I have tried to provide a reason behind my all points. But, I can understand that devoted ebizers will never want to believe on it and always try to counter it... Ofcourse, They read it with biased mind. 

So, Let me clarify your doubts which has been deeply inplanted in your mind by your uplines... Yes, I can sense that...

# Low Success Rate....

I agree that success rate is very less in all fields... But, people trying in Bollywood, Cricket, Govt jobs knows this fact that they may fail... They know that they are taking big huge risk and their decision can even destroy their life...

How many new ebizers knows this?? They even don't know what creature is ebiz and what they will have to do after joining... They are just shown the dreams of getting success before joining... Many of them have joined because of false promises made by uplines... Great na!

# Top level ebizer leave ebiz...

When I was in ebiz, I always use to listen these types of lines and also tell to my downlines...

If any lower associate quits ebiz, every ebizers says 'fail Ho gya' because of lazyness or distraction lack of strong WHY and if any top level associate leave, every ebizer says budhi bhrast Ho gyi thi... Means Itni badi galti Kr baitha...
What is this?? Jab tk ebiz me ho to bahut badhiya.... Chodh Diya to dimag kharab.... Awesome logic....

But, now I know these are just a brain washing statement to keep other ebizers entact in their group... 

# About Pawan Malhan...

I don't care whether Mr. Malhan is good or bad, but he is very clever and I respect him for that... He uses his brain... By the way...  Please provide me his proof of deputy director of AIU, If you can... 

# On starting your own venture (in future)...

You know it takes big courage to leave the success of ebiz and start your own venture. Very few people can do that! And I really respect those people who decide to become a job provider not a job seeker.

And, Apne business ka jo nasha hota h... Uske saamne ebiz to kuch bhi nai... Jo ki Mr. malhan ka business h na ki ebizers ka...

Also, As an Indian, we need more and more people to start something of their own and provide jobs.... Only this can solve our country major problems like poverty and increase our growth rate....

We need real entrepreneurs who produces world class goods or provide services which other people love.... Not any network marketer who just try to sell their low quality products at huge price to anyone to get the commission... And, thinks that they are building their own business (BIG LOL !!).

umesh ji, in your each and every post you are just repeating same line as if you have a great determination to pull down EBIZ it promotes me to increase your common sense. In india at present there are more than 10,000 network marketing companies including hindustan unilever(from 2003), dewsoft(from 2000),etc. and most famous are avon(more than 125 years of working, it's a USA company), tupperware ( more than 70 years of working) and out of those 10,000 companies ebiz is one. you are pulling ebiz only it might be possible that other rival companies(9999) have paid you specially for this because I know that in bussiness all these things happen. ok now, if I take your line that " 99% of ebizers fail " then regarding this I would like to introduce some system in india in which failing rate is more than than also people are crazy about that

1. In these there is one exam which is called as IIT -JEE exam in it more than 14,00,000 lakh students appear and only 10,000 get addmission into an IIT this mean that less than 0.7% success rate but then also every year lot of students pay Rs.2000 for it's application form. Why it is so, because they know if they get addmission into iit their life will be better . similarly ebiz also provide a platform of becoming financial free and persue their dreams but if 99% fail than it is not ebiz who is faulty but it is those persons who are lazy and did not do work.

2. in politics also you can find that only one person will become a PM, CM(in state ) then also crores of people invest their money in political activities and here success rate is below 0.07% but then also lot of people are involved in this because they know if they get success then their life will get upgraded. you can take an example of narendra modo sir how he has become a PM from a worker at tea stall.

friends i just wanted to tell you that life is not the bed of roses it is full of difficulties, challenges and risks if you wanted to be a great person then you must remember that only those persons who take risk can get success.

for my above line I can tell you to read following articles by searching on google:
1. biography of abraham lincoln.
2. no of students who got success after studying in coachings.
3. biographhy of owner of KFC.
4. biography of college drop sandeep maheshwari.

always, try to see that glass is half full of water not half empty.
never, believe in fake blog's like this.
all these are just opinions not authorised data. also remember that that google is not always true.

Hello Ashish ji,

First of all let me clear that I am not being paid by any other mlm company for this blog... Whatever I have written is based on my personal experience. I don't need to defame ebiz because It is already too much defamed... In reality people are already abusing ebiz company.. They don't want to join such types of mlm companies... I have just shared my view about this company... 

# Low Success Rate....

I agree that success rate is very less in all fields... But, people trying in Bollywood, Cricket, Govt jobs knows this fact that they may fail... They know that they are taking big huge risk and their decision can even destroy their life...

How many new ebizers knows this?? They even don't know what creature is ebiz and what they will have to do after joining... They are just shown the dreams of getting success before joining... Many of them have joined because of false promises made by uplines... Great na!

And, thanks for sharing the study material... I appreciate that... 

whatever you are saying is the faults done by associates not the company.i thnk when u joined there are noone to guide u and u may have this opinion on it.i know so many people who say rubbish to get joinings but that is the mistake of associates not company it is MCA approved so pls dont blame.

Hello Anonymous,

Ebiz Associates are representers of the ebiz... People trust them before joining... If they do so many faults then how they can be trusted... And, in reality no body trust ebiz. So, ebizers follow more false practices to get the joinings... And the new associates feels cheated... 

I can understand why you are defending ebiz with so much power... You are very well brainwashed by your uplines... I know you will never believe me, but truth is truth... 

Thank you author
Aapne mjhe iss big fraud se bacha liya .
Kitne safai se chutya banate h ye log or kamal ki baat h ki sab easily bante bhi h.
Actually ye bhi kamal ki bat nhi h ,kamal ki bat to ye h ki khud chutya banne ke bad ye dusro ko bhi chutya banate h.
Please......agar aap ek baar chutya ban gay h to atleast dusro ko na banay iski sachhayi btay.......

Stay away from Ebiz. It's an illegal company and lots of cases are pending on this company...My cousin stayed in jail for a week due to this bullshit company,..He was organizing a meeting and the police raided the place and all the 100 people were in troubles..He is suffering now because he cannot apply for govt job, passport etc because that case is still pending against him....these ebizzers will brainwash you and make you feel that you are gonna be richest on the planet..BULLSHIT!
Ive seen many people losing their friendships because of ebiz,
And the product which they provide is complete crap..there are much better free courses online..
Don't waste your time and money on ebiz..
And what is this JI JI?? ghanta BC
Pawan Malhan is clearly FAKE People..wake up...
AGar itni badi company chalata hai toh uska ek bhi platform par profile nahi hai..
Dhandha khol rakha hai inhone

Thanks a lot vivek, for sharing your experience with us.... Its really tough time for your cousin... Lets hope for the best...

I am sure your comment will really help others to make correct decision..

Some years back, people came to me for this as well, I realized it was a scam and told them to f*ck off, saved the day.

Hello sir,
I have read it article. One of my friend told me about this organisation. I was thrilled with the business plans, more profit and educational gain. But after reading it article I m little bit confused about my decision of joining ebiz. Due to educational importance and learning different languages in son detail and in less cost I was willing to join it. So can u guide me what should I do now? Please sir answer it as soon as possible. Thank u.

Hello piyush,

If you really want to learn computer courses then you don't need to waste your money on ebiz whose courses are very low quality and outdated.

You can read the course online for free from sites like tutorial points....

but they will not give u an ISO certified paper. and only getting ISO will not give u jobs so pls just think that it will be helpful for getting jobs but there is noone saying that u will get jobs by doing courses


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